Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The combination of Small living room and kitchen design ideas

Good Morning! great day to you all.... well this morning, I would like to make some sharing for those small living room and kitchen design ideas. I am sure more of you may like it very much!

Combing living room, dining table and kitchen together

This ideas uses the clever concept of a dining table to separate the small space into living room and kitchen. The dining table itself takes up very minimal space as it is built on the same space as a wall that has been knocked down.

Living room and kitchen together along the same wall

If you take out the divider separating the kitchen and the living room, it is actually a single space along the same wall. Just by adding a small divider, it creates the living room and kitchen from the one room. This concept is simple but very doable.

Combine a bedroom on top of kitchen and living room

This room design makes full use of its high ceiling as an advantage and create a loft bedroom on top of the kitchen. In this way, the remaining space can be used as a living room without thinking about where to place the bed. It is an innovative concept for a small house with high ceiling. A lot more! Click HERE to view more.

Well?! what do you think about the interior design for small living room and kitchen combo ideas? is it inspiring you?! or you have made your own design and looking for renovation talents?! Doesn't matter, don't panic! 

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